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About ArRahmah
ArRahmah started its online journey in 2007 from New Jersey, USA and provided weekly Tarjuma, Tafseer and Tajweed classes. It initially catered to the needs of sisters in the area and neighboring states but by the special blessing of Allah swt we now serve students globally. All our humble efforts are only for seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT so each person in Arrahma whether teacher,administration or helpers are all working Fi Sabil Lillah. Classes here are offered absolutely FREE. We only ask for your time, dedication and duas.

Teacher's Profile

Najiha Hashmi (نجیحہ ہاشمی), the visionary behind Arrahmah Institute, embarked on her profound journey with the Noble Quran in 1987 in Lahore. Guided by the esteemed Dr. Anas Nazar, a renowned Professor of Quranic Tafseer at the Islamic Institute Lahore, sheikh zia ul haq bhatti and Sheikh Abu Umar, she delved deeper into the intricacies of the Quran. Najiha holds a five-year Aalimah degree from Burooj Institute Pakistan and completed a two-year Taleem-e-deen course at Jamia Lahore al-Islamia under the guidance of distinguished scholars. Alongside her religious education, she achieved a Master's in Computer Sciences from Lahore. Motivated by a deep sense of gratitude for the knowledge bestowed by Allah, she chose to dedicate herself to the noble pursuit of teaching the Quran. Currently, she is devoted to memorizing the Quran at Masjid A Nabwi in Madina al Munawara.

Aqeedah course is taught by the honorable Sheikh Mohammad Sharif. He is a graduate of Madinah University.

Selected surah course in Farsi: Alhamdullilah, Arrahma community has grown overtime and is now catering to people of different languages. The selected surah course is being taught in Farsi by Sheikh Abu Omar a Scholar of Madinah University.

خیركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه

Quran was sent down in Arabic for all. Najiha Hashmi's ambition is to make it viable for all .She founded Arrahma Institute in 1998 as a dream to bring people close to Allah, irrespective of their age, education and background. Thousands of students are currently benefiting from her forthright and simple teaching style, thus making it effortless to master a foreign language. She simplifies the Arabic in a skilful way and explains it in the most comprehensive manner.Her explanation of the text is eloquent,simple and functional and inspires the listener to race to Allah and seek His approval. Learning life lessons and grooming the soul are besides the obvious gains of her brilliant teaching. For herself, her passion for learning has never slowed. She continues to excel in her knowledge of Quran, Hadith and Seerah and benefit others, free of charge, in pursuit of the absolute ecstasy; Allah Almighty's approval and Jannah!

ArRahmah's Aim
To spread the word of our Lord to every person regardless of age,education,location or cultural background ... Arrahmah aims at providing very flexible schedule for online classes giving women the freedom to gain knowledge at their own time and place.

Why ArRahmah
ArRahmah's unique program is not solely designed for students to graduate with a certificate, but to bring about a positive change in their lives and to enlighten them with the nur of Quran by softening their hearts. Quran is taught in such a way that it becomes easy for anyone joining at any stage of the journey. Tafseer course specially aims on ultimately developing the deepest love for The Almighty, who is truly the one worthy of being loved.