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Quran Tafseer Courses

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Qalmi & Al-Fauz Quran Orders

To order Qalmi Quran or Al Fauz Quran, go to or click

If you have any questions regarding your order, please send Text or leave voice message at 206-412-0992

Arrahmah Course Policies

Only Sisters can register for this Course.

Students are expected to attend classes regularly and meet all of the following requirements in order to receive certificate:

  • Tafseer, Tajweed & Seerah class attendance must be maintained at 90%.
  • The attendance in group activity session should be atleast 70%.
  • When a student misses class or group activity session because of a valid excuse, it is the student's responsibility to notify the group leader and provide an explanation.
  • Students must submit all Tests (including Seerah tests) in time.


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